Süvari, the preference of men with style, is the most important complement of men’s elegance at ever moment of “Engaging in Life” who take cognizance of their style throughout the day and night and from events to weekend activities. Süvari promises its customers to have an elegant and contemporary look at any time of the day by offering products up for being the most special gift for the most special days and complementary products for men’s style that they need in daily life from suits to tuxedos, trousers to shirts, footwear to cuff links.

Süvari, leading garment brand of men’s fashion, with its motto of “Get into the Life" continues to expand globally with its over 160 stores and over 100 corners in 9 Countries worldwide particularly in Turkey, Germany and Russia.

Continuing its journey, which started with a three-wheeled wooden car, as a wholesaler of Ready-to-Wear in 1967, Süvari has been one of the major retail brands since 1997.

"Join the Life" philosophy, the target audience all over the world, not lost in the routine, life loved, loved ones, loved things, new experiences, change, excitement and happiness of the time to leave the message of the Süvari, self-satisfied and happy with their customers, many social responsibility project.

In 1997, he started to work in overseas stores. Süvari, which promises to complete the elegance of men in daily and business life and special invitations, offers quality and affordable products to its consumers with 152 stores in 9 countries.

Süvari’s brand journey continues with firm steps in the country, and continues to grow globally in the countries and abroad markets.

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